I'm sick of the censorship



I’m sure you all know, only to well, the hassle we can get into for simply sharing factual information on social media.
30-day ban, after 30-day ban, some Activists have even had their accounts closed down by these “Big-Tech” companies.

Its ridicules, I have even been banned for posting scriptures from the Quran!!!

These platforms, who’s community standards allow Muslims hate speech, Far-Left Thugs like Antifa and there like, but ban anyone who expresses the slightest Conservative leaning views.


Well guys, it’s my pleasure to announce that I’ll no longer be putting my usual updates on social media, from now on if you want to keep in touch with me, you can do so at my new website by signing-up below.

If you want to follow me, please sign up to the website, I’ll send you all personal emails with all my update? The website will allow you to sign-up as a Volunteer and, also to contact me about Constituency Matters, Advice Service or any other issues or questions you may have.

Thank you all so much for sticking by me while the establishment do everything they can to silence me


God Bless & No Surrender